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In memory of LADA creators

    In the beginning of March, opening of commemorative portrait busts dedicated to the first chief engineer of the plant Vladimir Solovyev and senior design engineer of legendary “Niva” (LADA 4×4) Peter Prussov took place in engineering HQ of AVTOVAZ plant.

    Plant’s veterans and top management participated in opening ceremony: VP for external affairs and shareholders’ relations Edward Vaino and VP HR and social policy Dmitry Mikhalenko.

    Dmitry Mikhalenko recalled on the role of Vladimir Solovyev and Peter Prussov in the establishment and development of AVTOVAZ and summarized that opening of commemorative busts to these outstanding engineers is a tribute to the memory of all veterans who were the pioneers of the plant.

    — Solovyev and Prussov are true legends of automotive industry whose contribution to the branch is hard to overstress. Many thanks to them for their contribution preconditioning development of motor vehicle engineering for the decades ahead. I believe that plant workers, friends and colleagues will join to these words of appreciation dedicated to these outstanding engineers, — emphasized Edward Vaino.

    AVTOVAZ veteran Vladimir Peressypkinsky currently representing “BIPEK AVTO — AZIA AVTO” Group in Togliatti told about special role of Peter Prussov in establishing the first motor vehicle production in Kazakhstan:

    — It is Peter Prussov who became one of the fathers of automotive production in Kazakhstan. The legendary engineer helped choose the location for now-existing “AZIA AVTO” plant, was a consultant for his colleagues in Kazakhstan when production of LADA 4×4 was prepared for launch. Thanks to his knowledge, experience and authority above exception today this project develops successfully. Till his last day Peter Prussov was making his contribution to the development of the plant that became the second “home” plant to him.

    Peter Prussov also took active part in the implementation of new full cycle car assembly plant project in Ust-Kamenogorsk.