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About company


    Joint-stock company “AZIA AVTO” was grounded and passed its first state registration on December 20, 2002. Parent enterprise – is the car-assembly plant, situated in the capital of the East Kazakhstan Region, Ust-Kamenogorsk. Enterprise branches are situated in all large cities of Kazakhstan. 

          The purpose of “AZIA AVTO” is creation of motor-car industry in the Republic, which allows to produce competitive vehicles and which provides for the needs of population of Kazakhstan and nearest countries. “AZIA AVTO” strategy implies a stepwise formation of motor-car cluster – car-assembly plant creation; painting and welding production on its basis, sales and services network development. Plant formation is aimed at the fact that adjacent production types will be organized: componentry, spare parts and accessories such as batteries, tires, windows, electrical engineering, wire products, etc.
    Aims of “AZIA AVTO” are directed towards realization of the strategy of industrial-innovation development, because creation of new type of industry in the country results in obvious economic benefits as well as social benefits such as employment provision and wide population range living standard increase, and also enterprises participation in social life.
          The enterprise develops dynamically and successively: when founded the plant only assembled cars. In the next three years the plant mastered in the following components production: ornamental arches, wire plaits, opened its sales branches in all regions of Kazakhstan, developed its own infrastructure. 
          Another promising tendency of plant development is a vehicle componentry assembly – center locks, signaling, electric window raiser, parktronics (electrical device assisting to park a car in close spaces), audio-components. Componentry output is aimed not only towards satisfaction of needs of the plant but also towards realization on the foreign markets of Customs Union countries. Today production of wire plaits for vehicles is certified. 
                      The third orientation of productive activity is a tuning making for produced vehicles. Those are – front and side arches, back arch for spare wheel fastening. They not only improved vehicle functionality but also, according to consumers’ recognition, changed exterior of “Niva” positively by making the vehicle produced by “AZIA AVTO” more aggressive and recognizable. Their mass production is put in order. All tuning assortment is produced in accordance with the registered technical specifications.