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“BIPEK AVTO — AZIA AVTO” confirms dominant positions in russian market

    The holding company finished the first half of the year as dealer #1 of LADA and the main partner of AVTOVAZ

    According to the results of activity in the first half of the year BIPEK AVTO — AZIA AVTO holding company sold 5 868 of new light vehicles in 12 cities of Russian Federation. Group share in total sales of LADA brand dealers in Russian market reached 5,1%. That way, BIPEK AVTO — AZIA AVTO confirms the status of the main successful partner of AVTOVAZ on the territory of Russian Federation.

    In January-June of 2020 Russian department of BIPEK AVTO — AZIA AVTO sold 5 868 of new light vehicles. 5 693 of them are LADA models. Amid slumping demand in Russian automobile market, the holding company could maintain the sales at high level and reached the share of 5,1% in total sales of LADA brand dealers.

    Again, this indicator became the best among 300 AVTOVAZ partners, acting on the territory of Russian Federation. Strong leadership of holding company is provided by not only effective management, but more extensive regional infrastructure. Today 19 dealerships with total area of 96 thous. sq.m. work in 12 cities of Russia.

    According to the results of the first half of the year the total share of company in the presence regions in LADA sales structures was 32%. The own service and sales network is branded as “AZIA AVTO UST-KAMENOGORSK” and presented in 8 regions: Saint-Petersburg city, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Omsk, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk regions and Altai region.

    In spite of pandemic effect and volatility in currency sector, LADA could strengthen market share up to 22,9% (against 21,4% in the previous year) according to the results of the first half of the year. AVTOVAZ continues to strengthen traditional positions of #1 manufacturer in Russian market.

    Also, the industry leader shows an equally stable position on the territory of Kazakhstan: according to the results of the first half of the year LADA took the first place in the list of brands-bestsellers with the best market share — 22,7%. Brand sales increased by 8%. At that, the June became the most productive month for the last 5 years of sales in Kazakhstan (2 545 of sold vehicles).

    Айдар Мендыбаев

    Aidar Mendybayev, Managing Director of “BIPEK AVTO — AZIA AVTO” dealer network on the territory of Russian Federation:

    The first half of the year became the most difficult period in the history of modern automobile market. Russian network of “BIPEK AVTO — AZIA AVTO” has properly passed this challenge. Results of June inspire for further demand recovering: our sales in last month doubled against the low point of April and almost reached pre-crisis level of February.

    During 5 -year period of activity in Russian market BIPEK AVTO — AZIA AVTO" sold more than 75 thousand vehicles. We consider that epidemiological situation allows to return to the trajectory of planned growth in current year.

    Infrastructure development of retail sales outside Kazakhstan — the key development vector of the holding company. After all, it is export possibilities will provide the loading of manufacturing capacity, the construction of which is in the process in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

    Holding company activity on the Russia territory is conducted by “AZIA AVTO UST-KAMENOGORSK” LLC, which is belonged to “BIPEK AVTO Kazakhstan” JSC.

    The acting network of dealerships on the Russia territory will serve as base of export infrastructure of auto-industrial cluster of full cycle in Ust-Kamenogorsk city. In July of 2020 the stockholders of company confirmed investment plan which will provide the launch of body welding and painting capacities in 2021.