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BIPEK Contact

    BIPEK CONTACT is premium automobile security system, which allows to connect a vehicle to single system for control, monitoring and double-way connection with owner. SIM-card is installed in special unit of system and provides GSM and GPRS connection for commands and data transfer. The system allows to control mode of vehicle security, remote and automatic engine start with help of “BIPEK Contact” mobile application, installed on the smartphone of owner. Except of control functions the following information is provided in mobile application:

    • Current temperature in engine and in cabin;

    • Fuel level;

    • battery power level;

    • vehicle location with reference to interactive maps;

    • track-routes of completed trips during specified period;

    • day statistics (total and average fuel consumption, traveled distance, driving index, risk scoring etc.);

    • parameters of automatic engine start;

    • sensitivity setting of system sensors.

    Also, owner can review statistics, events history and tracks of completed routes in more convenient vision on web-portal for physical persons.

    Special internet-portal is developed for corporate bodies, where an owner can review data and statistics of operation of each vehicle in his auto park.

    BIPEK AVTO — AZIA AVTO group of companies started industrial tests of BIPEK Contact system in November of 2017.