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Plant history

    Attempts for creation of a car assembly factory in our city were made more than once, but all were unsuccessful. And now the company "BIPEK AVTO" which is an exclusive importer of Open Society " AVTOVAZ", having a long-term experience of successful car business, could realize this project!


    Opening of the car factory was preceded with a number of the important events:


    ON NOVEMBER, 9, 2000

    The Decision of the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan №1684 «About creation of car assembly production in Ust-Kamenogorsk, East Kazakhstan» is accepted.

    ON DECEMBER, 21, 2000

    The General agreement on assembly of VAZ automobiles in Republic of Kazakhstan, deliveries of assembled VAZ automobiles and spare parts and development of service network for maintenance in the territory of Republic is signed.



    ON JUNE, 14, 2001

    The contract on delivery from Finland of the equipment for body welding, assembly and test of automobiles is signed. The similar modern equipment is used by the company "VALMET AUTOMOTIVE" at the production of automobiles SAAB and PORSCHE.

    ON JULY, 23, 2001

    The contract with Joint-Stock Company "Vostokmashzavod" on acquisition of a real estate complex for accommodation of car factory capacities is made.

    ON AUGUST, 15, 2001

    The contract with Committee on investments of Republik of Kazakhstan "About the state support and granting of stimulation measures to the investor who is carrying out investment activity in priority sectors of Kazakhstan economy" is signed.

    ON OCTOBER, 9, 2001

    The contract with German company "DURR " on delivery of a painting complex for car assembly production is signed.



    ON DECEMBER, 9, 2002

    Session of the commission has taken place led by Chairman of directors committee of Open Society "AVTOVAZ" on check of factory’s "AZIA AVTO" readiness to the beginning of serial output of "Niva" automobiles. The commission ascertained the full building readiness of buildings and constructions, and also the presence of the equipment, shop auxiliaries and the tool corresponding to modern world requirements of car industry.



    ON FEBRUARY,4, 2003

    Automobiles VAZ-21213 produced by the car assembly factory "AZIA AVTO" have received the certificate of approval of Gosstandart of Republic Kazakhstan about the vehicle type.

    ON MARCH, 28, 2003

    Official opening of sales of the first automobiles VAZ - 21213 assembled by the factory "AZIA AVTO" in Kazakhstan has taken place. The first dealer contract between Joint-Stock Company "AZIA AVTO" and Joint-Stock Company "BIPEK AVTO" is signed. From the date of sales opening begins realization of Kazakhstan automobiles "Niva" through the trade representative office" BIPEK AVTO " throughout the Kazakhstan.

    ON MAY, 27, 2003

    1000 automobile has left the assembling conveyor.

    ON AUGUST, 13, 2003

    The president of Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbaev visited the car assembling factory and noted, that "AZIA AVTO" is a completely new production in the country, and today there is an assembly of "Niva" automobiles at high capacity. The head of the country considered, that this enterprise has good future trends, as today the «Niva» is the most suitable model of the car for the Kazakhstan consumer. The president sat down into the new «Niva» and, having noted quality of assembly, wished success to the director Anatoly Balushkin and to all collective of the factory.

    ON OCTOBER, 22-25, 2003

    The Kazakhstan «Niva» made the debut on the international motor show. Motor show "Autoshow" is carried out in Almaty not for the first time and is one of the largest Central Asia auto show. For the first time the automobiles VAZ - 21213 "Niva" assembled at the factory «AZIA AVTO» have been shown to the wide public.
    Exposition «AZIA AVTO» was made up from base and tuning models of the off-road car. The original stand with production of Joint-Stock Company “AZIA AVTO” has won the Grand prix and a title «The Founder of the first factory on cars assembly in territory of Kazakhstan - the factory «AZIA AVTO».
    The presentation of Kazakhstan «Niva» and car assembly factory «AZIA AVTO» has caused a huge sincere interest and active discussion among visitors of the exhibition.



    ON APRIL, 9, 2004

    The factory was visited by delegation from the Czech Republic consisting of the deputy minister of the industry and trade of Czechia M.Somol. The acquaintance with production potentialities of the Kazakhstan factory at a level of the governmental trade and economic relations between Kazakhstan and Czechia has ended with press conference where Czechs have confirmed the readiness at the end of 2004 to begin the delivery of spare parts of automobiles "Skoda" for assembly at the factory «AZIA AVTO».

    ON APRIL, 23, 2004

    There was 4000th vehicle of VAZ 21213 white «NIVA» from the conveyor of car assembly plant. The event is broken off production process and the conveyor is not stopped for a moment.

    ON MAY, 12, 2004

    The date of birth of «AZIA AVTO» quality system. The plant handed in an application in the certification center TUV CERT for carrying out of certification audit for accordance of quality system to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

    ON AUGUST, 25, 2004

    There was 5000th NIVA vehicle from the conveyor of the first in Republic car assembly plant of AZIA AVTO

    ON JULY, 26 TO 30 , 2004

    There was certification audit carried out by auditors of Certification System TUV CERT (Germany) for accordance of plant's quality system to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard at the plant.

    ON SEPTEMBER, 28, 2004

    The representative of government of certification center «TUV Thuringen» Mr. Bushel solemnly presented the Certificate to the President of «AZIA AVTO» plant E. Mandiev at the International Conference «TQM-2004» carried out in Astana. Given Certificate confirms that «AZIA AVTO» has introduced and applies quality management system appropriate to international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in the following spheres: vehicle production, production of electrotechnical components and metal made goods. The Certificate is valid for 3 years within which "TUV Thuringen" will be carried out systematically audits of the plant.



    ON AUGUST, 18, 2005

    The deligation of high-ranking representatives of "Skoda Auto a.s." company after visiting the ust-kamenogorsk car assembly plant of «AZIA AVTO» JSC has signed the official allowance for repittion work of "Skoda Octavia" vehicles. The licence was granted after thoroughly inspection of "Skoda Auto a.s." specialists to readiness of all workshops of kazakhstan plant and trial run of «pilot» Skoda assembled at « AZIA AVTO» plant which have already wound on their speedometers up to 10 thousand kilometres driving at not good roads.

    ON SEPTEMBER, 21, 2005

    The Ust-Kamenogorsk "AZIA AVTO" plant proclaimed about sale opening of «SKODA Octavia» vehicles in Kazakhstan. It is launched in six base kitting-ups. With engine 1,6 equipped by conditioner or without it – is the very available kitting-up. Vehicles with two-liter engine and 1,8 turbo is the very powerful engine assembled on «Octavia». Both of these engines are equipped by automatic and manual gear-boxes. Customers in Kazakhstan can get the same options which are produced for vehicles in Czechia.

    ON MARCH, 10, 2005

    Eight thousandth off-highway of LADA 4x4 known under NIVA brand was assembled from the beginning of the production.





    ON JULY, 27, 2006

    Allowance for assembling of SkodaSuperb vehicle was given.

    ON AUGUST, 16-17, 2006

    There was review audit for accordance of plant's quality system to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard at «AZIA AVTO» carried out by auditors of TUV CERT (GERMANY) Certification system.

    ON SEPTEMBER, 6, 2006

    Ten thousandth vehicle was assembled from the beginning of the production.

    ON NOVEMBER 23, 2006

    Republic of Kazakhstan Agency of Financial market and Commercial bodies Regulation and Reviewing registered the first bond issue within the limits of the first bond program to the total sum of 1 billion tenge.



    ON MARCH 7, 2007

    The Agreement with South-Korean Branch of the motor-car construction world leader “General Motors” - «GM DAEWOO Auto & Technology» about three Chevrolet models assembly is signed.
    According to the JSC “AZIA AVTO” President, Erzhan Mandiev, total investments volume to this project will constitute about 50 million dollars. And those are not only internal funds and credits. “AZIA AVTO” is a public company, it registered stock issue and is included in the Kazakhstan stock exchange list, that is why any investors including Kazakhstan development institutes, can purchase “AZIA AVTO” bonds. This was the first issue, in future it is planned to continue this program. Form the Korean side all investments will be in the form of new technologies introduction and personnel training programs at GMDAT plants. Three new Chevrolet models will extend vehicle model range produced at “AZIA AVTO”. This will allow the Plant to strengthen its positions in the market of Kazakhstan and to stimulate componentry production at domestic enterprises.

    THE 25TH OF APRIL 2007

    the fifth anniversary exhibition “Motorcar world Astana 2007”was opened in the capital Palace of Sport “Alatau”. More than 70 companies of Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Ukraine and Chinese People’s Republic presented their products – cars, machinery, service equipment and technologies.
    The central place at the exposition was taken by the group of companies “AZIA AVTO” – “BIPEK AVTO” by right. And this fact is not only due to the size of taken areas where far from the whole variety of vehicles offered by this holding company could be placed.
    The diplomas for “Active participation in the exhibition“ and ”High level of company presentation in the exhibition” were presented.

    THE 4TH OF MAY 2007

    JSC “AVTOVAZ” delivered 150 LADA SAMARA 21099 SKD. It is planned to assemble about 1,5 thousand LADA SAMARA 21099 vehicles with the improved passengers’ compartment at plant facilities in the year of 2007.

    THE 12TH OF JUNE 2007

    the license for Chevrolet assembly was granted.

    THE 15TH OF JUNE 2007

    The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in Chevrolet vehicles assembly line starting at car assembly plant “AZIA AVTO” . “Chevrolet production line starting is a major breakthrough. I hope that new competitive cars will conquer Kazakhstan market and even go beyond its limits by quality as well as by price”, - he said at the ceremony.


    THE 20TH OF JUNE 2007

    The LADA SAMARA 21099 assembly line was started. AVTOVAS was represented by Director of SKD centre Alexander Chumaev who estimated production level of Kazakhstan plant highly.


    THE 6TH-9TH OF AUGUST 2007

    repeated certificate audit was carried out at the plant and it showed that quality management of “AZIA AVTO” functions successfully in compliance with international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Only two remarks were made during the audit, what is the evidence of both quality management process effectiveness increase at the plant and of interaction improvement within the plant.


    NOVEMBER 16, 2007

    President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbaev, participated in award ceremony for winners of the contest for the Award of President of Kazakhstan Republic “ For achievements in Quality” at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana JSC AZIA AVTO was the best enterprise in production.



    SEPTEMBER 22, 2008

    In Aktobe (Kazakhstan) JSC AVTOVAZ, JSC AZIA AVTO and Eurasian Development Bank signed a Cooperation Agreement. This document bears signatures of Boris Aleshin, President of  JSC AVTOVAZ, Anatoly Balushkin, chairman of the board of directors, JSC AZIA VTO, and Igor Finogenov, chairman of the management board , Eurasian Development Bank.

    SEPTEMBER 30, 2008

    Delegation of Skoda Auto a.s. representatives led by Ilian Ivanov, Head of SKD-CKD projects, signed an official authorization for serial production of Skoda Octavia А5.This certificate was issued after Skoda Auto a.s. specialists thoroughly inspected all posts of the plant and conducted a ride-test of the pilot vehicles, assembled at AZIA AVTO, which had already accumulated about 10 thousands kilometers each.



    JULY 2, 2009

    Skoda Auto a.s specialists approved launch of serial production for new models, Skoda Superb B6 and Skoda Octavia A5 FL, at AZIA AVTO plant. He s
    Basing on the results of production cycle audit, road-test and other inspection of a sample lot, Skoda Auto a.s. representatives highly assessed the production facility readiness for launch of new models, which were the latest development of the leading European automotive concern.


    SEPTEMBER, 2009

    Start of production of updated version of LADA 4x4, now meeting emission standard EURO-




    MAY 6, 2010

    Launch ceremony for serial production of Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Aveo.
    Production of new models was launched by Berdybek Saparbaev, Head of East Kazakhstan Region.
    Basing on the results of series of technical inspections, David Biske, Development Director, General Motors International Operations, issued an authorization for Serial Production of Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Aveo.


    MAY 12, 2010

    Launch ceremony for serial production of LIA vehicles.
    Models line of th brand being new for Kazakhstan manufacturer, will be represented by either KIA Mohave and KIA Sorento off-roaders and KIA Cerato sedan.
    In the framework of the launch ceremony H.T. Lee, President of Eastern Europe & CIS Regional Head Quarters, KIA Motors Corp., thanked Berdybek Saparbaev, Head of East Kazakhstan Region for his support of new production trend of JSC AZIA AVTO and stated complete readiness of production line for the new models:
    - Inspection results confirm high quality of a pilot lot. I am sure that cooperation between KIA Motors Corp. and AZIA AVTO will give our brand a second birth on Kazakhstan market.”


    AUGUST 9, 2010

    International quality management certification body TUV Thuringen e.V. completed certification audit in JSC AZIA AVTO.
    Results of the audit covered technical, service and administrative divisions didn’t display any reproof or departure from requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
    TUV Thuringen e.V. officials found JSC AZIA AVTO Quality System as one of the best systems among car assembling plants operating in post-soviet area.
    According to Oleg Marchenkv, head of TUV Thuringen e.V. auditor team “ AZIA AVTO quality management system significantly exceeds ISO 9001 requirements. Such partners as General Motors, Skoda Auto and KIA Motors allow the plant to enhance its own management system adapting the best practices of its partners. Annually this company implements new up-to-date methods ensuring a high quality of manufactured product and reduction of production costs.”