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      The modern equipment of the Finnish firm « VALMET AUTOMOTIVE » is accepted as a basis for a complex of the assembly equipment, this equipment satisfies with all established requirements to technical process of assembly and tests of automobiles at a high level. The technological transport equipment has been made for manufacture of automobiles VAZ - 21093 and has a design, flexible for assembly development of other car types. The complex includes the universal assembly and test equipment and the tool of leading world manufacturers. Original stands and plants for development of VAZ - 21213 cars are made at the local enterprises in East Kazakhstan, selected on the basis of the tender. The equipment is mounted in spacious light shops and is optimally grouped for performance of industrial aims.
      Management of technology and car production process is carried out by means of the automated control system connecting all industrial and commercial processes.


         The most progressive kinds of the equipment, which meet the modern requirements for conveyor assembly, is the main assembly conveyor consisting of floor lines of final assembly and assembly of the upholstered body, and also the pendant assembly conveyor of firm "Shierholz", Germany. This conveyor allows to provide an optimum heights of a body for performance of operations, all-round and easy access to all parts of the assembling automobile. Ergonomics of conveyor is also increased by rotary stations in the floor assembly line of the upholstered body, allowing to carry out manual non mechanized operations on the bottom of a body in position convenient for the worker.




    Installation of all heavy units and parts is carried out by means of pendant and floor load-lifting devices of firms " Demag ", "Humo", Germany.
     Filling and control of car systems tightness is carried out by means of the small-sized and high-efficiency vacuum equipment of firm « A’Gramkow ».




          For drawing on a surface of details and a body the glue, greasings, sealing hermetic mastics is the scale of modern pumps for viscous materials of firm "Graco", Switzerland applied. This equipment is convenient and simple in work and service. Pumps are equipped with easy start and continuous feeding of materials. Their construction prevents contamination of the pneumoengine and allows to dose out materials precisely. Pumps work from the general highway of compressed air and can be connected in any place of the main conveyor.


      A plenty of plastic and rubber details is applied on modern automobiles. For reduction of assembly efforts and exception of damages at installation such details are preliminary warmed up in compact and mobile furnaces with infra-red heaters before installation. The design of furnaces excludes damages at stacking and collecting of details. For convenience of work and depending on a design of a detail the furnace are executed in pendant and floor performance.
      For reduction of traffic stream and economy of areas the sub assembling operations are carried out directly at the conveyor line where installation of the given detail is made. Sub assembling are carried out with use of the special tools and equipment. Assembly stands for sub assembling are performed with the maximal convenience for the worker and equipped with capacious racks for the component parts and assembled units. Fastening of base details at stands is carried out by pneumoclips.



         Productivity and ergonomics of the manual operations connected to performance of screw joints is increased due to application of the modern mechanized tool of the firm «Atlas Copco», Sweden. These are manual electric and pneumo tools of leading world manufacturers specialized in professional mechanical tool, providing high stability of parameters in tightening during the required period of work. The electro tools are of accumulator type, providing access to any joints and excluding a need to use the current-carrying communications. A feed of the pneumotools is made from a compressed air main line with the valves of fast connection and distributed along the line.All pendant equipment, tools and adaptations with the high weight is suspended on balance weights which move in carriages on monorails.



      The test shops is equipped with the modern equipment for the control and check of the automobiles on conformity with constructive and technological conditions. This equipment is made by well-known manufacturers of the diagnostic equipment «Sun Electric Systems», "Weco", "Bosch", "Сorghi" with application of the advanced decisions, the newest computer technics, which automatize at maximum the technological process of tests.
      Industrial premises of the assembly and tests complex are equipped with highly effective system of air exchange. All working posts where during assembly and tests there is an allocation of harmful substances, are equipped with local systems of exhaust and forced ventilation.



         Acceptance section of bodies and assembled units are equipped with the modern warehouse equipment and tools, allowing to accept, to store and to complete units and details of the automobile with observance of all norms on a labour safety, accident prevention and fire safety. The retail stock section of details is located directly at the main assembly conveyor. This location, and also application of the unified container and racks for small-sized accessories, allows to lift a level of mechanization in materials streams. This is promoted also by use of modern high mobile and harmless electric loaders.   The rhythm of work, a rest pause is correctly designed for reduction of negative emotions at performance of simple, but repeated operations in a complex of assembly and tests, the industrial gymnastics and psychological influence of music is applied. For this purpose are also the ergonomic, easy, silent, mechanized tool, which doesn’t cause any vibrations, and also the wide range of devices and mechanisms, of modern samples of container and technical equipment applied. To use the positive sides of conveyor assembly and to reduce its negative influence, the quantity of the operations, which are carried out on one working post, is increased; also the shift of workers inside a brigade from one operations on others etc is applied.